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Voted with some extra gusto this midterm election after reading this and better understanding what we have on the line! Proud of this state’s history and its dedication to the good of the whole.

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This state is still one of the Last Best Places and could represent a model for solving problems if we dedicate ourselves to collaboration with the goal of solving problems.

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Great post.

Montana's constitution is one we can all be proud of, and it needs no alterations.

You clearly identified all the highlights of this wonderful document as well as the many threats to it, and consequently to our Montana values and our democratic way of life.

Your question is the right one: "On what terms will we exist together? Will some people be degraded, sacrificed, or denied the opportunity to control their own lives, while others live as though that were fine and natural? Or will we recognize the inherent value of all life on earth and build relationships from there?". Unfortunately, this republican administration and legislature is not interested in democracy. What they want is control and all for control's power and advantage.

Matt, you are right to be concerned, I hope that on November 8th Montana voters say no to those you politely describe as reactionaries. So much is at stake.

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Great article. Thank you for doing this! I learned a lot. :)

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