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I used to believe this world was inevitable. Though of course it is not.

In blue world I imagine a new, peaceful world. One that values life over profits, again.

There are people, movements, everyday, every where, working to make this new world real: envisioning solidarity beyond borders and nationalisms; creating community safety beyond prisons and police; reclaiming sovereignty and regenerative land-based relationships; organizing workers, debtors, and tenants, to harness their collective power and resist this cannibal economy, as Winona LaDuke terms it.

These living movements inspire me and animate my writing here.

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With these essays, I hope to inspire visions of a world where everyone is at home: living free, with agency and dignity. They reflect my own sociopolitical education—and radicalization. I’ll describe genuine democracy and explore the persistent myths keeping us from it. I’ll assess global asymmetries of wealth and power, and examine their unbroken relationship with settler colonialism.

My ultimate goal is to add useful information to an otherwise cluttered infosphere.

As I do this, I’ll reflect on my own experiences as a young Italian-American kid moving from Greenpoint to Missoula in the summer of 2002. And I’ll think about what all that means—identity, free movement, inheritance and responsibility.

Now, living on the southern shores of Spain with my partner Macarena, I have the time, space, and support to think, connect, and create. I used to take this support for granted. I used to take these places, this movement, this world, for granted.

Now I know we can build something better. And indeed, we must.

You with me?

I’m at this near full-time, working to generate thorough, concise analyses of anywhere from one to three thousand words. Each essay is full of links and notes to more resources. You can read the inaugural edition here.

All are welcome to thoughtfully and respectfully join the dialogue. Subscribe for free, comment your reflections, share the ideas with your circles, and please consider sustaining the work as a paid subscriber for $42 a year.

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letters to the world we could be


Matt Asaro
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